Philharmonic, inherit the Spirit core of Chinese Confucianism, take "benevolence" as the prerequisite basis for enterprise to operate all, "enjoy" is the desire that enterprise builds for the user.
Benevolence is the core thought of Confucianism, not only a kind of ethics and morals, but also through the A Life realm and life experience achieved by the thought of the earth and the human mind; Le Enjoy is the Philharmonic "to excellent quality and service, so that the global user satisfaction," the enterprise mission, so that every user can enjoy the results of the enterprise, and enjoy.
To the corporate shareholders of benevolence, there will be a good beginning of the cause;
For employees of the benevolence, staff to self-love as a starting point, and constantly expand the stretch, create a better;
To the vast number of users of the benevolence, is to pay all the end of the fruit source, and then concluded the user's pleasure.
The Chinese Confucian culture centered on benevolence, will be in the modern civilization for mankind to provide inexhaustible spiritual food, as a driving force, the Philharmonic would eventually continue to create a good product, and protect the Philharmonic every user, "enjoy its", and finally, to achieve "become the global leader in diaper industry" a better corporate vision.

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