Philharmonic Industrial Development Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, headquartered in Quanzhou Nanan, is a research and development design, manufacturing, marketing, brand operation as one of the focus on infant diapers in the field of industrial companies.

Philharmonic now has the international leading intelligent diaper production line, paper diaper production line more than 10, product covers baby diapers, lesbian pants, diapers, etc., OEM, ODM and OBM high-end diaper production capacity has reached more than 1 billion pieces, products are exported to Korea, Japan and Europe and the United States and dozens of countries, By the broad masses of customers and consumers highly recognized.

Philharmonic, as always, uphold the "pursuit of quality, do not forget beginner's mind," the focus of the spirit, strict quality, in accordance with international standards to establish a complete quality management system, set up a professional product research and development center, and constantly develop high-quality products. Philharmonic to the pursuit of excellence in quality and service for the mission, is committed to providing customers with first-class products and services, the best products and services dedicated to each user.

"Do China good diaper, a national good brand" is the Philharmonic always adhere to the relentless pursuit. Future, Philharmonic will introduce more than 20 international advanced high-end diapers intelligent manufacturing production line, to achieve the annual new production capacity of 2 billion pieces of diapers, and will create a "intensive, standardized, information" diaper intelligent manufacturing Industry Park, with each partner to join hands in a better future, a total of "Philharmonic dream."

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