Ren Ai

The purest and most unselfish love in the world is motherly.
For thousands of years, "embedded", "disciple Rules" and other series of classical Chinese sinology, has left the "mother three Move", "Broken Machine" and so on throughout the ages. The new era, the spirit of motherly love in science and technology under the blessing of a fresh interpretation. How to let the baby healthy growth, but also to care about the mother's commitment to Baby Love, the 2001 Philharmonic (Ejoy) brand was founded. The meaning of the Philharmonic: Love Baby and mother, enjoy at ease. Philharmonic in giving the baby professional safety quality care at the same time, taking into account the needs of the mother's multi-level, so that the mother assured no worries, for the family to create more and music.

He Le

Philharmonic, take up thousands of Chinese mother's responsibility for maternal love, but also give themselves to inherit the Chinese outstanding traditional moral culture responsibility.
The healthy growth of the baby is one of the important sources of family and happy happiness.
Philharmonic focus on the field of baby diapers, each product is fine carved, carefully guarding the mother, the whole heart care baby healthy growth!

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